Three Productivity Hacks to Save Your Day


Year of 2020 has been a mixture of emotions and overwhelming feelings for all of us. The pandemic in itself was terrible to handle, and to top it off, the economic crisis made the things quite worse, all over the world. Mental health crunch is an obvious outcome of the current situation.

Although the remote work culture has eased us out in so ways, be it the commuting time, long consecutive working hours, hassle of being presentable at all times, and sometimes the office politics. Still, the pandemic has caught us at major areas like, draining the energies out of us, running low on our ability to focus, fighting procrastinations, while keeping in mind the uncertainty this year beholds. Here, we will give you the best three productivity hacks that the team of TechStudio swore by, and it can help you ease through the circumstances and become a better version of yourself.

1. Discipline Yourself

It’s the most important factor, if you really want to increase your productivity levels. Work on yourself – period. We cannot put much emphasis on this single hack that can totally change the gameplay.

Chances are that you could be underworking or overworking, both of which make you less productive. So, it is critical to establish your work hours. Work on it, by taming yourself to a routine that you religiously follow. Once it materializes, stick to it like you believe it. For this, if you need to use a tool or a simply note-down in daily organizer would help, do not hesitate to adopt.


At TechStudio, our team has a definite idea about when to commence the work and when to call it a day. We make them go easy on their selves and create a regime that is healthy and beautifully balance the work-life.

self descipline

2. Keep Your Human Connections Alive

Being a social animal, as much as we long for the meetups and gatherings, this is not going to be a possibility for few upcoming months. All we could do is create the same human connection over the virtual options.

Remote work has massively hampered the discussion on the visuals, productions and creative space. Instead of relying on someone to perform the work and get back to others for feedback, the best way is to collaborate closely through regular team meetings and calls.

Incur the ability to “work” together, regardless of where you physically are. Regular team meetings would not only streamline the process, make the team stand on same page but would also led to rapid decision making. With this capability, we can “design” together regardless of where we physically are! By screen sharing, we are able to streamline our creative process and make decisions rapidly. These are the binding knots that keep you and your team on the same page.

TechStudio – being a fully remote company for years – has always encouraged the human connection through the intricate inter departmental chat groups and regular meetings, keeping the teams as close as imaginable.

3. Create Weekly Goals

A significant way of enhancing the productivity is when you set the goals company wide. Although the current crisis could not make us look at the far-end, however, the team of TechStudio is already accustomed with equipping themselves with weekly plans.

Weekly goals are the tools that let you put your best foot forward towards accomplishing the bigger picture ahead. This is the perfect breakdown of those annual or bi-annual goals you want to achieve for your corporation. Just make sure you and your team is running at the same pace, towards the same goal each week. 

This is our little key for those who are struggling to achieve the goals and procrastinating to have the things done their way. May we come out of this situation, strong and more productive than ever.