We're a Leader in Technology Solution Providers

TechStudio group of companies is a hub of multidisciplinary conceptions, working  on the phenomenal principle of remote work.


We are serving the world for more than a decade, ranging the services from security solutions to the ultimate entertainment provider in the region. 

We are a family of 85+ working together to innovate, design and produce work that we are proud of. We are always open for new hire in a wide range of disciplines for a variety of jobs, projects and gigs.

We are Game-Changers

TechStudio is a fast-paced company with a worldwide team. We are proud to be those early organizations that took the leap to virtual workspace and carefully built an internal working system that sets guarantees our team a stress-free productive environment. Our family of 85+ works tirelessly to contribute towards the evolution of technology


Our team has award-winning specialists, agents and developers, and we know exactly how to achieve the results. While working, we always keep the focus on the metrics which are crucial in producing the outcomes and maintaining the happiness index of our customers. Our team perfectly knows that hitting the set goals is what moves the businesses forward and we believe that meeting the customers expectations is the best measure of our own performance.

Through years of experience, we've come across the process of strategically pairing the working channels and make ways between the divisions for smooth transactions. We use combination of digital channels to increase visibility, conversions, and happy customers.


Are you ready to jump-start your career?

We have number of open positions for the right person. If you are passionate about what you do and willing to work remotely, we are all ears.

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